Insulated Sliding Doors (awesome Insulated Doors #5)

Photo 5 of 8Insulated Sliding Doors (awesome Insulated Doors  #5)

Insulated Sliding Doors (awesome Insulated Doors #5)

Insulated Sliding Doors (awesome Insulated Doors #5) Pictures Gallery

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in•su•late (insə lāt′, insyə-),USA pronunciation v.t.,  -lat•ed, -lat•ing. 
  1. to cover, line, or separate with a material that prevents or reduces the passage, transfer, or leakage of heat, electricity, or sound: to insulate an electric wire with a rubber sheath; to insulate a coat with down.
  2. to place in an isolated situation or condition;


slid•ing (slīding),USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. rising or falling, increasing or decreasing, according to a standard or to a set of conditions.
  2. operated, adjusted, or moved by sliding: a sliding door.
sliding•ly, adv. 
sliding•ness, n. 

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